Education through Art

This project aimed to promote aesthetic sensitivity and creativity, in conjunction with English language learning. The English group worked on this project with the theme of the four seasons, and based on the presentation of Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s “Four Seasons” paintings, the 3rd-year students were challenged, individually or in small groups, to (re)create their favourite season and to write a poem about it.

Let’s read

This project took place in the 3rd and 4th-grade classes of teachers Elisabete Aguiar and Teresa Maia and included two activities: the creation of a digital library on the Padlet platform and a contest. Through the digital library, students and their families were able to listen to and watch stories told in English. The contest, in turn, aimed to involve students and their families in creating a puppet of one of their favourite character(s) from the story/stories and making a video with the puppet, paraphrasing lines from the chosen character. 48 students participated in the contest along with their families, and the results exceeded expectations. The winners received a prize, and all participants received a diploma and a small surprise.

Vídeo Education through Art

Vídeo Let’s read

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